Thursday, May 19, 2011

How do you get so many coupons?

That mess of a coupon binder would be mine and that would be my prized shaga-delic orange shag carpet.. bow chicka wow wow!

Where do you get all those coupons!?

I get asked that question... a lot!

All couponers were newbies once.. we all have to learn the ropes and I had to figure out the best sources for my couponing obsession. Yes, couponing can become an obsession - once you get your first free products from couponing - you will be hooked!

Sunday Newspaper:
I get a good majority of my coupons from my Sunday newspaper.
Depending on how "good" the coupons are on any given week I may buy 1-2 newspapers or as many as 4-6....
6 newspapers? Yeah, I know sounds crazy but, sometimes to get multiples of an item and build your stock-pile ya do whatcha gotta do.
In my state (Oklahoma) I will get The Oklahoman (OKC paper) and also my local cities newspaper.
A good website to use to get a preview of a "good" coupon week:
Make sure you also check out Parade magazine that is inside most Sunday papers.. there are always one or two awesome high value coupons in each one.

All You Magazine:
All You is a magazine that is available by purchasing at Walmart and by subscription only.
Sure, you will spend a little on this magazine but, its full of great articles about money saving tips, recipes, crafts etc. And is overflowing with awesome high dollar value coupons!
Recently I posted a blog regarding a great way to save money on an All You subscription and help out my fundraising efforts for our adoption.. so, save a little money and help save a child :)

Coupon Websites:
There are some awesome websites out there that offer printable coupons.
Here's the trick.. only print ones that are you are going to use - why waste paper and ink (that can get pricey!)?
Here's some of my favorites:
Red Plum
Smart Source
Coupon Network

Coupon Clipping Services:
For a minimal charge (shipping, handling and to cover cost of Pay Pal fees etc)
You can get multiple coupons clipped and shipped (very quickly I might add) and save yourself tons of time clipping and sorting!
The Coupon Clippers

Social media has become an amazing way to keep in touch with friends and family.. and also get awesome high value printable coupons!.. who knew?
From time to time I will post links to such great coupons but, you can also just do a search for some of your favorite products facebook page such as Crystal Light, Bar-S, Suave etc. and most of them will have printable coupons for you in exchange for "liking" their fan page! Easy-Peasy!

Manufacturer Websites:
Sometimes ya gotta go straight to the source! I frequently go to websites for my favorite products and sometimes they will have printable coupons directly on their website, sometimes you have to sign up for an email list and they will email you coupons, however, a lot of the time if you take the time to write them a nice email saying how much you enjoy the product (or not) they will send you high value coupons even some for free products or even free samples in the mail!
I once wrote to Farmland (maker of sausage, bacon etc) and complained about a package of breakfast sausage that I purchased at the local Walmart that made both my husband and I sick. I'm not by any means saying it was the fault of the product or the store.. it could've not been stored or prepared properly.
Either way they sent me a TON of Farmland coupons which were all high value and vouchers for free bacon! So, in this case.. Google is your friend. Just do a search for the product name and find the manufacture website and away you go!

There are these little magical in-store coupons that are sometimes actually on the product. I find them all the time on BBQ sauce, Velveeta and other items. Also, sometimes you will find tear-off ones on store shelves as well. Its kind of like easter looking for the golden egg.. you just gotta hunt and find!
Also, store ads will also sometimes have great coupons.

Other Sources:
Coupon Swap Parties
Recycle Bins (people throw out so many coupons!)
Friends and Family

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